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Last updated on June 27, 2011

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While the college can learn and find new things and find itself, it’s just about meeting new people, building relationships and working online. The college can completely change his life, and not just because of what you’re learning. Suddenly you’re dating tons of new people every day, and you’re so close to many of your peers all the time. Now more than ever, the words that come out of your mouth can have a huge impact on you and those around you …

In the digital age, so much of our communication has been made easier thanks to our phones, Facebook, Twitter and countless other technological resources. There is no denying that this has affected the verbal communication. People, especially students, find such tasks as public performances, interviews, and even talk to professors to make it harder. Of course, with such a small practice in face-to-face communication, speaking in any potentially formal situation, it is not easy. Throw in that any college interaction can open the door to your future, and what you say becomes even more important. But there is no need for stress if you try a couple of strategies when it comes to:

Most people tend to subconsciously control what different groups of people say; for example, they cannot introduce certain themes or use certain types of language around their families. What about the people you don’t know or haven’t met? In my experience, it’s always better to be on the side of more formal-like dressing for an interview. It never hurts to look more polished and put together, but the opposite may have negative consequences …

I personally could divide my speech into four different categories based on my audience: as I speak with my parents, older people, except my parents, my friends, and other peers, except my friends. I know how to talk about my parents and friends, but the other two groups can get a little bit cunning. It is important to be competent and reliable people you do not know, but also not seem too serious or stubborn. Let’ s say you’re asking the assistant to teach about the extension. While this man is a graduate student, not a professor, they still have some authority over you in the academic sense. You don’t have to say too casually about this man, as you would like to be with your friends, but you also don’t want to seem too contemptible or arrogant, as if you’re using this person as a teaching assistant …

Plan what you’re saying based on what you know about the man you’re talking to. Although some situations require you to think on your feet, others (for example, an example extension) allow you to plan. And how do you plan to talk?Of course it sounds a little silly. But talking to yourself allows you to use the incredible power of your imagination. Think about how you start talking, and then think about how you’ll react to different turns in conversation. Of course, you can’t predict exactly how the conversation will go, but you will be surprised how well your imagination can boil situations for you to explore ..

Consider an example of an extension. You might want to catch your assistant at the class exit and start with “ Sorry, [ insert name here]. I wanted to discuss with you our upcoming assignment. “ When you have listened to your complete request, he or she may not immediately agree, but disagree with this, but ask for an explanation or expect a convincing one. Go through all these situations in your head-what would he say? Then what do you say? How can he answer? Just talk to yourself until you’re ready to say the right thing when the time comes …

But in the end, we’re just people. We cannot predict how the situation will go, and it is important to be prepared to say the right things at the right time. (Otherwise, you can exit as.

However, you are in college, which means that situations that you are now or cannot talk about can be the most important in your life. It doesn’t seem like a cricket or aggressive to people who could give you opportunities, but keep your street smart and sense of humor at all time. You never know who you’re talking to, so choose your own words wisely!

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