Why no one wants your help (and what to do with neu)

Last Update January 23, 2013

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It’s sad, really …

I mean, if I wasn’t the guy who’s nodping his head between the thighs, going to the egg of the row, I would even pay …All over the school year, across the ampus, I see tables. The tables, manned by welfare, are still bored studs retenting groups and clubs of different kind.

What do these people want? It’s simple.

“I just want to help people.”

The first thing I always notice about the student style in the ridge or the sidewalk is not a sign. It’s not the free leg they give. They’re not stains on their shirt.It’s the fact that most of the time they sit alone, not helping anyone …

So tell me you’re part of the club. You’re a passet member, and you’re just.

You have a big sign saying, “Ask something.”

Or “Give us your ideas for school improvement.”

Why are you sitting alone? Why can’t anyone ask a question?I’m going to get the answer in just a second …

Tell me you go to your class of history on campus. You’ve got a ful things to do:

  • “On the bright side, the professor is very hot.”
  • “Why am I alone?”
  • “I need to meet people tonight.”
  • ” I wish I had a band right now. Pretty is shit. “.
  • Okay, maybe it’s not exactly what you’re thinking about now (full disclosure: that’s not what I’m thinking.

    In any case, you go down the sidewalk when you see me, with my chili face and the body of the Greek god, the manning of the table. Maybe I’m staring at every stub.

    Or maybe I’m asking people to come and talk to me …

    Or maybe I play.“What changes would you like to see on the ISU?”

    That’s great. He has an amazing font (Bleeding Cowboys of court), a poster with posts, and I even gang a Picture of the Nansky Cat, so everybody knows I’m a cold guy, not a part of Bureau …

    Unfortunatly … I’m alone. And you know exactly why …

    That’s because the only thing that passes through your mind when you see me and my mark is.

    And this is the end of this …

    So disappointing. It’s so embarrassing. I’m going to fall on my sword …Do you remember those things I mentioned before-everything that’s going on in your head?And yet, I’m here, I’m asking you to get your feedback out of thin air. And I’m asking you to do it while you run to class …

    That’s the same thing I said, “Hey, man, if there’s anything I can do to help you, let me know.“I mean, but I just put out the burden to figure out what I can do to you.

    Although it is complete, and I am sure that they really want to help instead of just waiting for the distribution, their offers are usually ignored.Every stupid had a time, where they were.

    Let ‘ s go back to the thinking experience where I’m the guy sitting at the table, and you’re the mash going to …

    Imagine if the sign read:

    “Which of these three things about ISU Sucks the Most?”

    Oh, shit. Now I go and do it. I just threaw a gununtlet. Hell, the administration is probably trying to find an exception to send me right away. But more than that:

  • I was using a shopping headline that your brand can’t ignore …
  • I’m gonna make you look at what I’m saying is that the school hit the house …
  • I’ve been listing specific options-you don’t have to think of anything. Just choose …
  • I gave you permission to comment. Intad of leaving and standing alone about the problem, you get it.See the difference?Now, check this homo:
  • At the bottom of the survey, after three questions.

    ” If there’s anything else you think sucks, write here and.

    Same question as before (“What changes would you like to see in ISU?”) -but now it works better …

    That’s because I’m easy.This is the same testnique that Neil Strauss was talking about.Intad of being a regular tool in a bar that goes and asks a girl, “How you doing?”, he was always open with an interchange hook or something.

    I’m not saying that being a player and recruiting under of women is necessarily a good thing, but the technique is golden.

    You want him to be even more in?

    Derek’s post menus three different kindles of incentives, from Steve Levitte’s book.

  • Economic instruments.
  • Social Incentives.
  • If you want to learn more about each type of inactive,

    I’ll tell you that every one of them is equal. For college students who is really break down,

    However, another type of incentive could be more active. Analyse your audience and find out what makes them tick …

    But, the bottom line is that you are

    And you’re doing it.

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