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Last Update 17 September 2012

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Ladies, gentlemen, guys, guys, kids, tools and caffeine, which only read the first few sentences of my articles before going to 4chan … I have a confession to make …

After a long user, Grooveshark, I recently switched to use.

However, the site is extremely disorganized. After the study for the upcoming (and very necessary) updating of my guide on the streaming music site, I have decided that Spotify will approach me much better …

Despite the fact that music may not be as much as Grooveshark, Spotify does everything else better. It’s much better organized, working smoother and has a lot,

In any case, enough about Spotify. I’m poetic, poetic, poetic, poetic, when I actually get this finer musical post. Today I want to talk to you about something else, and that.

Although I do.

Fortunately, I found a good solution to this problem …

When you look at the Spotify application catalog (another surprising feature of the service), I stumbled upon an application called.

This site is similar.

So, through Soundop, I was able to create.

It’s just the Sundrop room, where I add all the music I’m digging now. If you want to open some new music or just have a big playlist to get a kick back, it’s a place! As in any other room of Sundrop, you will be able to vote for the songs that you want to hear earlier …

I set the regime “Cursed”, which means that only I can add songs, but everyone can vote for the people they want to hear sooner. Other numbers allow anyone to add songs; however, the point in this room is for me so I can share what I found instead of being a giant playlist of the community. There are already many rooms ..

for this purpose.However, if you want to offer a song for me to check and possibly add, you can easily use the chat function in the upper part of the room! You can also offer something for me to listen to me.

I’m planning to just make a huge, public playlist of all the songs I like … but then I had an idea …

Maybe he has something with human psychology-for example.

However, with the radio station, I don’t have to worry about choosing what to listen to. If I work on a website or something and I want music to listen, I don’t need to think about it. I can just play and trust the stations with something good. I think that’s why so many people like Pandora …

That’s why I decided to create a radiology experience instead. However, I believe that Soundrop gives us the best of both worlds, because it allows you to vote the songs that you want to hear sooner. So I have control of what I want to hear, but I can still let go if I’m not in the mood to pick …

This room has been open for about six days, and although I was the only person who has used it until now, I still prefer it for my playlists for some reason …

This is the explanation for my choice of Sundance ..

Be warned: my taste in music.

However, if you are in all kinds of genres and want to find new things that I would not have time to look at, please come in!

Soundp also has mobile apps for iOS and Android. I’m not sure how well the Android one works, but right now the iOS application is falling frequently. That’s it.

So what are you waiting for? Get Spotify if you do not already have one (free) and then go to it.

Tell your friend about the college Info Radio!

Oh, and if you’re wondering which logo in the title picture, it’s … it’s mine.

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