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How powerful is your memory?

Your brain has over a trillion synapses, which is equivalent.

That is why I created this top guide to improve your memory. It is loaded with science-support understanding of how memories are formed, methods of memoring, power and more ..

You don’t have to memorize everything here, but you can, if you apply all the tips …

Before we go into concrete strategies to improve memory, it is important to understand how memories are formed. Just as an auto mechanic understands how a machine works before being set up, you need to understand how your memory works before you start to fill your brain with information …

The brain has three types of memory processes:

  • The amount of short-term memory.
  • 1. The Sensory Register.

    When you take the information through the senses, the brain keeps it longer than a few seconds, if it’s …

    Imagine a walk in the city: you can see various buildings, smell the air and touch the breeze, but very little of this information makes your way into your memory ..

    However, if you encounter a particular person and condone with them, your brain could count this contribution as important and, therefore, enter it in your sensory register ..

    2. Working memory.

    Continuing the same example, let’ s assume that the conversation is particularly important, and this person gives you the number of the CEO of the company you want to work for. There’s only one problem: you don’t have a phone on you …

    This is the location where the memory is used …

    The working memory is that the brain stores information in order to, you know, work with it. This is the most important step in the process of memory formation, because you have the most important control over information (we’ll look at several methods of memory later) ..

    So, you repeat the phone number and out loud until you get a pen and paper. The numbers were fragile in your work memory, but they survived, however, ..

    3. Long-term memory.

    Let’ s say you call the CEO and finally land on the job. The odds are that the phone number will infiltrate your long-term memory for two reasons: you told yourself that the information was important, and you repeated it over and over again. It is now in a permanent storage location where it will remain indefinitely …

    Durable memories are solidified (literally) when information from the working memory is copied into the hippocampus, leading to physical connections between brain neurons and synapses. The more you get this memory (for example, when you tell your kids the story of one day), the stronger these connections become …

    Now, you have a life cycle of memory from the sensory incentive all the way to history that will live for generations …

    Now that you have a book about how memory works, let’ s explore concrete practices that have improved in memory for hundreds of years. No technique is more efficient than others-in most cases this is a matter of personal preference and type of information that you want to remember. Here are three systems that we’ll look at:.

    1. The Loci method.

    The loci method is based on a concept with which we remember things that we are familiar with. Metaphorically “put” a piece of information somewhere in your dresser, reminding that it can be much easier than trying to remember it without context ..

    Here’s how you can use it when you study:.

  • Visualize the space you are familiar with, such as your home. If necessary, make a physical copy of
  • Consider rooms, corridors, furniture and so on in this space ..
  • Imagine that you want to remember each item in one of the locations. You might put a “little” on the couch.
  • When you want to recall things, just visualize the space and go through his room in the room in your mind. If you have repeated enough time, the elements that you associate with specific locations must be awake ..
  • If you’re skeptical, think it’s a lot of people.

    The alternative to the loci method is mnemonic peg, which works by associating specific words with a number of numbers they represent (for example, 1 to 10). The numbers function as “pegs” from which pieces of information are to be hung. The binding system usually associates nouns with numbers and works particularly well when the noun rhymes with the digits ..

    Here is a step-by-step process for using the anchor system:.

  • The list of elements that you want to remember is a list of elements.
  • Mentally hang the photo of the first element at the number one bind ..
  • Continue adding items, one at a time. First binding: thighs, second binding: tibia, and so on …
  • After you have transferred all the items to the galleries, look at all of them in order ..
  • If you are frequently reconsidering positions on your breasts, you should be able to withdraw them even if they are out of order. For example, “Sextet” is “oxygen”. The binding system can include a more efficient return because you assign arbitrary words or objects to a numeric structure ..

    3. Core System.

    The primary system is the memory technology that is configured to remember long strings of numbers. The binding of each digit from 0 to 9 to one or more consonists allows you to create words in pairs of numbers. From there you can create lists of words (which are easier to remember than abstract numbers), and then come up with stories that help remember the order of words ..

    If you are curious (and want to fully understand the following example), look at this.

    Note that all vowels (and several consonals) do not have a number. They’re not guys to help you form words easier …

    The primary system in action.

    Here is a quick example of a basic system in action. Please note the following phone number: 535-867-5309. Below are the steps that you can use to code and then retrieve:.

  • Reformat the number into pairs: 53-58-67-53-09 ..
  • Using the table I contacted above, create words from your pairs of numbers (we will ignore the silent letters and rely on the words):.
  • Create a story using your words in order. The more amusing, the easier it will be. Here’s my: A.
  • To remember your number, work backwards. Remember your story, and then remember the words that have been removed, and finally, move every word back to your license plate …
  • The use of the primary system is useful for remembering short numbers, but it does.

    The Loki method helps you to remember the order of your stories, and the stories also help you to remember the order of numbers. In fact, this combination of methods is how many memory champions learn hundreds of digits.

    In terms of memory improvement, most of us give priority to entering new information. However, it is equally important to understand how.

    The process of forgetting is best understood by a forgetful curve that illustrates the relationship between time and how well our brains store information …

    As you can see, the information you will learn disappears exponentially after initial input. You can usually forget about 90% of what you will know within one month if you do not make efforts to remember ..

    Solution-This is Interval.

    Your brain may be connected to forget a lot of information, but fortunately, there is a way to fight this trend. Hermann Ebbinghaus, a pioneer in the field of science of memory, discovered that our rate of decline is falling every time we increase the information we learned earlier. He called it

    You can use the interval effect to take advantage of your advantage.

    Not only the spaced repetitions method is used.

    Suppose you went to a long exam in a room or an apartment. You have implemented all the correct memorories, you have a well-rested, well-fed, and so on. But when you’re at your desk in class, you’ll be devastated …

    The chances of you being a victim.

    Using this policy, you encode information in the same environment (in the class) in which you will be prompted to withdraw information at a later time. You can even wear the same outfit or a drink from the same water bottle …

    Context recall methods are in use.

    The most modern terms.

    The researchers asked a group of college students to listen to a lecture-some attributed it to their laptops, while others took a single approach. After the students spent a week reading the material, those who took notes manually were much better than the drivers both with actual feedback and higher order of training …

    According to APS, “ … there’s something about typing that leads to mindless processing. And there is something about inkles and paper that are learning to go beyond mere hearing and recording of new information. “.

    If you thought you were clinging to the fries and the ice cream only had physical consequences, think again. When it comes to increasing your memory, the food and the drinks you put in your body. In fact, they’re almost as important as the information you put into your brain. Here are a couple of tips supported by science to fill your memory (literally.).

    While many people use caffeine to help them awake sooner or later, the increase in caffeine is not only to keep you up all night …

    In fact, a while ago.

    This may seem confusing: how to drink coffee after learning to be more profitable than keeping you awake in advance? As we mentioned earlier, memories are quite fragile when your mind first writes them, so if you can remain in alert for several hours after receiving information, as opposed to immediate cashing, this memory has a better chance of surviving ..

    About 60% of the human brain is made up of fats, half of which is a variation of omega-3, which is.

    If you want to optimize your diet to include omega-3s, there are several options for consideration:.

  • Nuts (almonds and peanuts).
  • Fish, baked or brored (not fish sticks).
  • I mean, not all the fats are the same. Do not confuse omega-3 with saturated or trans fats present in fried food and red meat ..

    If you’re doing a university library in the middle of the night, you’ll probably find some zombie students trying to do as humanely as humanely possible to do so much information in their brain. (Maybe you were even this man)

    While some may lead to a short-term miracle, it is not a sustainable strategy. Instead, you will want to give your opinion enough time to rest to optimize your memory ..

    Think of memorize as a physical exercise. You break the muscle tissue for an hour or so, then spend the next day or two to get back stronger. The ratio of activity to the rest for memory is different, but the principle remains the same …


    Sounds counterintuitive, but your body is insanely productive when he’s asleep. Whether it’s muscle buildup or the preservation of memories, real magic happens while you lie in bed. It’s tempting to give up sleep to “know” more information, but the donation of recovery time can lead to all this hard work going to waste …

    Research with.

    Debates about how many sleep people are, but Max Girshkowitz, chairman of the National Scientific Advisory Board of the Sleep Foundation.

    It is needless to say that all the people are not the best bet on sustainable memory. An adequate dream is like a charger for your phone. It doesn’t matter how many cool applications you download or pictures you take during the day. If you don’t connect it, it will crash when you need the most …

    Meditation: Training of weights for your memory.

    Another non-intuitive approach to improving your memory is practiced.

    Although this is true to some extent, a group of researchers at Harvard Medical School.

    During a 12-week study, researchers found noticeable changes in the work of the participants ‘ brain. They included an excellent ability to remember and include new facts in comparison with the control group ..

    Although meditation is relaxing, it also functions as a workaround for your hippocampus and the frontal brain. Both of these roles play a key role in long and short-term memory. During relaxation, your information storage mechanisms are reproduced, which allows you to store new memories …

    We have covered information and advice in this post, but we can always learn more. If you want to dive deeper into the way your mind works, here are 5 books to satisfy your curiosity:.

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